Back to School will be a little different this year...

Posted on July 30 2020

Teach kids to wear a mask, lets help the teachers out

In theory we would all like our kids to get back to routine and regular learning. Whatever that meant for everyone anyway.

In reality back to school will be a little different this year for everyone. We all have different comfort levels and different reasons and that's OK!

Whatever way you choose for your child to learn during this unprecedented time is what's best for you and your child.

This pandemic is not something that is just going to end anytime soon though, so if you will be sending your child to school, consider them wearing masks as just another way to protect themselves, their friends, and the community. Your school might require it, or you can make the choice to send kids to school wearing them even if they are not mandated. 

Teachers will have a lot to consider this school year, so


But getting kids used to the idea of wearing a mask will benefit them not only in school, but in restaurants, stores, after school activities. Every place of business might have their own policies and levels of comfort.

All we can do is try and BE KIND!


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