Simple Strawberry Cake

Posted on June 28 2020

Simple Strawberry Cake

It's strawberry season! and going strawberry picking with the kids is a fun annual tradition! We have a U-pick farm so close to us, just google where you can pick your own strawberries near you!strawberry picking, kids picking strawberries

This strawberry cake is so simple, its been adapted from a recipe my sister gave me that was scribbled on a piece of paper! but she keeps giving it out to everyone because it makes a delicious and moist cake thats loaded with strawberries!


Simple Strawberry Cake Recipe

Sebastian was such a great helper!

Child baking

This is how the cake should look before going into the oven

And this is how it looks after its been cooled, removed from the pans, and dusted with icing sugar!

Strawberry Cake

And this is how yummy this cakes looks on the inside!

loaded strawberry cake




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